"Leaders and followers both are unaware of 'levers' they already have for bringing about changes they want or need. Often many of these levers are quite accessible, especially when people look clearly at their situations."

(Recently heard from a high-level leader.) "My organization puzzles me. The pieces just don't seem to fit, not like they should or used to ...” 

"Morale and effectiveness aren't right - with no apparent reason, at least none I can see. I want my people to be into what they're doing, working well together, excited about their jobs, doing their best. I know we can be a great organization; I'm just not sure how to get from here to there, and maybe not sure where 'here' is."

AHA services can help. Support may take the form of team (and/or inter-team) strengthening, change management, executive coaching, strategic planning, as well as consulting on particular issues and problems with top leaders and others. Whatever form the specific support takes, it will be focused on those involved gaining a deep understanding of their organization's dynamics, visions of real success, and what is in the way, and concrete steps that can move your team and organization forward. AHA interventions are based on three fundamental principles that make it unique among those offering any similar-sounding help:


Contagious Creativity

Creating a Culture of Thinking, Planning and Acting 'Out of The Box'

Are your people wasting time and energy continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results?

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A Systems (& Global) Perspective

Gaining Necessary Support from All Those Who Can Influence Achieving Your Desired Results

I once ran a special planning conference for a new environmental office for the Government of Jamaica. Its principal specialness...

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A Focus on Trust and Relationship

Saving the Energy We Devote to Self-Protection and  Precaution etc. - the "Trust Cost" and Unleashing That Energy for Accomplishing Your Goals.

This focus on trust involves, and has an impact on leaders, followers...

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