Mission & Structure

Alan Hurwitz Associates (AHA) helps teams, organizations, and "clusters" of groups and organizations, to be all they can be: achieving their goals, in ways that strengthen the organizations themselves, their people, and our world.

AHA works primarily through Principal, Alan Hurwitz, Ed.D, involving other senior consultants as useful for large projects. AHA's home base is Amherst, MA, for working with clients in the US and around the world. Alan has consulted in forty-four countries over thirty-five years of this work.

AHA's approach is distinguished by three very special qualities:

  1. Contagious Creativity - identifying creative approaches, and developing that same creative spirit among all levels of staff;
  2. Focus on Trust and Relationship - strongly impacting the work itself, and then permeating the organization; and
  3. Awareness of System (including our global system) - acting with comprehensive understanding of impact.                                                                                                                                (Read more about AHA and these three special approaches - in the links with the About Us section below.)

An amusing historical note from Alan on "AHA" - While creating the initial Alan Hurwitz Associates concept, I was thrilled to discover its acronym formed the exclamation "Aha!" -  the feeling I hoped people would express as a result of our work. I was sure I'd stumbled on a brilliant connection. My jubilation diminished over several years, as no one seemed to notice the compelling double meaning of those letters. Five years later, while conducting a management workshop in Malawi for Principal Secretaries, I became friendly with the government's Training Director, the person who had contracted me for the activity. One evening over a cool beer, I asked him how he'd happened to select me from the many good options I knew he had. He responded, smiling proudly, "When I saw 'AHA' on your letterhead I started laughing and decided right then I had to meet this guy." Since then several others have commented on "AHA", more foreign than American.


Principal - Alan Hurwitz, Ed.D.

"Some years ago participants in a workshop I was attending were asked to introduce ourselves by saying something significant about our lives in one sentence. After a few moments of thought, I proclaimed that I saw my life as a tension between Yale and Winthrop, MA, where I grew up, with Winthrop pulling ahead as the years went by."


Over thirty-five years experience in:

  • Helping to plan and implement significant organization change and strengthening efforts re: an institution’s mission and purpose, leadership, culture, management and/or systems and structure;
  • Bringing together people from different units, cultural and/or national perspectives, and organizations to work toward common goals;
  • Working with individual executives/leaders at many levels to help them move past problems and limitations and create dynamic paths to results and impact.

Dr. Hurwitz has managed change processes, consulted to top managers, and trained personnel at all levels, in private and public organizations in the United States and more than forty other countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Client organizations have included the following (among many others):
Audubon (Missouri & Mississippi River Region)
Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL)
Grupo Expansión (a former subsidiary of Time Inc.), Mexico City, Mexico Governments of Zambia and Malawi
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Washington HQ and several Country Offices
Institute for Training & Development (Amherst, MA)
Inter-American Foundation
International Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO)
International Paper (and relevant NGO’s)
Natural Resources and Conservation Authority (Government of Jamaica)
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)
Public Health Institute, CA/Global Health Fellowship Program, Washington, D.C.
Save the Children (Connecticut and Russia)
Secretariat of the Environment & Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic
Sisters of Providence Health Systems
Synergos Institute (New York)
The Nature Conservancy
United Nations Secretariat (New York and Regional Commissions)
United Nations Capital Development Fund (New York and Regional Offices)
United States Agency for International Development (many regions and countries)
Univisión Media (New York, Miami)
World Health Organization
World Resources Institute

B.A. in Political Science - Yale College 1969.

Ed. D. in Organization Development and Adult Training – Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts, 1981.

If any of what we do seems of interest, or even if you'd just like to chat about your organization and a current dilemma, please get in touch.

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