Contagious Creativity:

Creating a culture of thinking, planning, and acting out of the usual boxes.


Questions to consider - Are your people wasting valuable time and energy by continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.? Have your approaches to solving ongoing problems outlived their value? Do the organization's current strategies ring more hollow than they used to? Is it less clear why people do what they do, and how the pieces fit together to form a meaningful ‘whole? Have some useful new ideas been floating around for too long, without actions that will bring their benefits into being? These are key questions related to keeping your organization moving forward, especially these days

On the other hand, it continues to impress me how often apparently non-creative individuals, groups, and teams pick up on creative energy, once they see its force at work and feel allowed to express and act on new ideas. It can be a genuine group 'high' to feel liberated from unnecessary concerns of looking odd or disloyal for having shared an out-of-the-box idea. Creating and putting to work this liberated context is central to AHA work.

AHA approaches offer creative, often unique, responses to situations. Implementing new approaches successfully often inspires staff and sets the stage for others to test their own new ideas, often encouraging creative thinking among other staff. Leaders and staff eventually realize that they can create a culture that generates new ideas on an ongoing basis, making creativity an endemic part pf the way things are done. This is an approach and goal of all AHA's work. As the name suggests, many "Aha's" can be the result that can change the entire culture.

A few comments from clients -

"I've hired and worked with many OD experts, coaches and trainers. So I'm pretty savvy about who can actually walk the talk. Alan is simply a Master Craftsman in this arena. I really can't think of anyone whom I trust more. He is consistently creative in his approach as my coach and as an OD consultant." (Sharon Rudy, Project Director, Global Health Fewllowship Program, and Board Member of the Public Health Institute)

"In short, I am an Alan Hurwitz fan and I am confident that any executive would benefit from the opportunity to work with an inspiring and effective executive coach; he is a game changer!" (Nicholas Valls, Vice President, UNIVISION)

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