Though always driven by the concepts and approaches expressed elsewhere on this site, AHA support generally takes the form of specific interventions, based on the client's priority needs and desires for change in particular areas. Sometimes clients want to plan a special retreat for a management or work team, arrange for coaching for a key individual with unrealized potential, or address a particular stress or issue. Sometimes there is only a general sense of something just not being right. Broadened perspectives and needed changes can come via any number of activities - based on initial assessment and custom-designed for the specific needs, culture, and situation of the client organization.


A group of scientists were feeling jubilant over having invented the universal solvent after many years of work. Their excitement was stalled when they realized they needed to get back to work to invent something to keep it in for it to be of any real use. In a similar way the deep wisdom, increased sense of power, and self-knowledge that comes from this work is generally emerges via specific interventions to address immediate issues and needs.


These most often take one or more of the following forms:

Organizational Diagnosis

A deep yet efficient review of the team's or organization's strengths and weaknesses, directly related to the leadership's immediate concerns, and those of others, insofar as they are currently known.

This may be accomplished in many ways, most using interviews of key staff and sometimes others, sometimes also using instruments of various types. Individual interviews of key leaders and staff bring the additional advantage of key individuals feeling heard and understood, adding credibility to the result.

Team/Organization Retreats

Specific group activities designed to enable a group of leaders and staff to share information and perspectives in a structured and supported way. Retreats often compress months of iexperience into one or several days.

Retreats may be a usual part of an organization's annual or semi-annual schedule. Or they may be a specific solution designed to address a set of particular problems or issues. They usually are preceded by an inclusive planning process, designed to ensure the retreat session responds to the realities of the experience of all those involved. Data from interviews is usd for planning the retreat, and often as  in the session itself.

Executive Coaching

Individual or small group support for executives and/or staff who have special responsibilities for bringing about important results, to help them remove barriers and achieve their full potential, now and for the future.

Good coaching meets the clients where they are, and helps them find solutions and "levers" for change they never knew they had. This may me long or very short term, in person (always preferable) or via phone and email.

Focus on Effective Leadership and Followership

Strengthening an organization's leadership is most common, but good leadership depends on effective "followership", so both generally go together. AHA has been working with leaders for many years, and has recently developed special approaches for focusing on providing the tools to promote Effective Followership to support and complement leaders and maximize success.

Effective leadership to us means accomplishing valued results through the work of others. This suggest a wide range of necessary behaviors, and knowing which ones to use when. Followership means doing what is necessary for leaders to be successful. Contrary what some once believed, loyal followership means more than asking 'how high?' when told to jump. It can be a range of behaviors, depending on many factors, also embodying a set of specific skills. Both are about creating valued results in ways that make all involved feel proud.


Interventions might also be in several other categories:

Strategic Planning

Thinking long range, taking the organization's environment into account, and maximizing participation of those who matter to your organization's future.

Organization Design

Ensuring that the organization's structure and systems are encouraging the behavior that will make the the organization and its people most successful.

Team/Inter-Team Development

Encouraging the necessary coordination, collaboration, and effective work relationships within and among teams, maximizing synergy and harmony.

Change Management

Helping leaders and others address change situations effectively, whether the changes are chosen by leadership or imposed from the outside business environment.

If any of what we do might be of interest, or if you'd just like to chat about your organization or a current dilemma, please get in touch via email (ahalink@comcast.net) or phone (413-256-093).

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